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Exciting news, Crabby Lift has a new owner,  Good Day Fishing, and they can help with all of your Crabby Lift needs.Good Day Fishing is located at:  9007 River Rd. NE-Salem, OR 97303
Contact Good Day Fishing at: Phone No. 503 999-4098  or  email at:
Warranty and Repairs are covered as needed; for motors purchased before 4/2/2024, call John Doke at 502 910-1469. All motors purchased after 4/2/2024 Contact -  Tyson at: 503 999-4098
Please know it’s been a pleasure to meet you all and to be your original Crabby Lift dealer, Best Crabbing to all Crabby John.

For Crab Pots call Jon Horak 503-363-6487
For Rod & Reel Repair 503-363-6487

For all your welding needs call Gordo’s Welding Inc. 503-709-1562, he specializes in stainless, aluminum, steel, and specialty metals, he does welding on aluminum boats and will install davit’s.